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Background Music

v1.6.1 (and older)

Rolisteam is able to play music and synchronize the audio playing with all players. Rolisteam does not transfer the music file. Each attendee must have a local copy of music file. They have to put files into one directory and give the path of that directory to rolisteam. Then, the application will be able to play the music.

Of course, you may found standard features such as : play, pause, stop, Unique, loop.

V1.7 and higher

This version brings new features on the Music player.

Three tracks at the same time


As you can see on the above screenshot. By default, rolisteam has 3 music players. You can use them to play two or tree song/music at the same time. It allows you to have background music, sound effects and environment sounds at the same time. The goal is to improve the experience.

Play music from Stream

Rolisteam can not be used as streaming server. So, music files are not transferred to each players. There are two reasons for that:

  • Bandwidth issue
  • This feature may make rolisteam dangerous for copyright etc

The workaround was to allow rolisteam to play music from stream or from remote server. You can now put some music files on http server and the address to them into rolisteam. Rolisteam will be able to read them. The approach will prevent you from seeking into the file.

Playlist management

You may want to load/save playlist to make easier the music use. It is now possible. When you have finish to select files. You can save the list. You will be able to load it the next time. The interesting thing is that the playlist may manages remote files. So it won't be necessary to write the whole URL.

Drag and drop

Still in the goal to improve the user experience, you can now drag and drop music files. If you drop files into the main windows or the workspace, those files will be added at the end of Player 0 list.

For better positioning, you may instead drop files on the player you want, at the position you want.

Music Player Features


Close look on Music Player: As before, you find text zone which is dedicated to display the current song title. There is also widgets to manage the volume. Just below, there are the time widgets, the slider to seek position in files and a time displayer. Then, you can found several button to control the playing. In the order:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Unique Mode Button
  • Loop Mode Button

Playing mode

There are tree playing mode in Rolisteam.

  • Unique : Play the current file and stop at the end
  • Loop : Play the current file in loop.
  • Next : Play the current file, at the end start playing the next song (just below in the playlist).

The next mode is set when Unique button and Loop button are not pressed.If you press one of these buttons that changes the current playing mode.

Open, save and remove button

The tree last buttons are dedicated to manage action on the list. As you noticed, the add and remove buttons have several possible action. The default is repectly "Add Songs" and "Remove Song" action. But through the add button, you can also "Open a stream", "Open playlist". The remove button may also clear the whole playlist. To get access to them, you just need a long-click on the button. Menu should appears to show you all possibilities.

You may also use the contextual menu:


You may find in it all actions that can be trigger from the Audio Player. The ability to hide or show music player is only reachable by the menu.