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Rolisteam is a free software (under GNU/GPL2.0). It's dedicated to role play gamers who wish to play despite the distance. It provides all required features for making a game. Thank to Rolisteam, you will be able to share maps, draw on the fly, add comments, mask some parts of the map, place characters , roll the dices, talk to each others . Anyways, players can be all over the world or just around the corner, rolisteam can help you to play.

Rolisteam provides enough features to play in text mode. Many people use audio conference software additionnaly with Rolisteam (such as Mumble, Teamspeak, Discord, Matrix or Skype).


Rolisteam gives following functionalities:

  • ease of use;
  • Share pictures
  • Share map
  • Draw map
  • Draw Vectorial map.
  • Two user roles : Game Master (GM) or Playable Character (PC);
  • unlimited user number;
  • unlimited sharing of maps, with parametrized dimensions;
  • import images in map as background or item. It currently supports these image formats: JPEG, PNG and BMP ;
  • multiple drawing tools to draw or annotate maps;
  • Fog of war on map, the GM can hide parts from maps;
  • Character token on map to represent its orientation, state, and position.
  • Save/Load data as individual file (image, map, character sheet) or as all-in-one file called "scenario" (.sce);
  • Minutes editor to keep track about your game
  • public and privates chat allowing user to talk to each others
  • Dice roller;
  • 3 track Background music players. You may find in it all standard features from audio player. (v1.7)
  • Update the workspace after new player connection.
  • Vectorial map (v1.8)
  • Charactersheet management (v1.8)


Following abbreviations are used in the whole documentation. Well known by Role playing gamers (Rolists), we wrote this page as a reminder:

  • GM: game master.
  • PC: playable character. Is is interpreted by a player.
  • NPC: non playable character. It is interpreted by the GM.


Rolisteam is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.


Rolisteam was developed by Renaud Guezennec. His purpose is to help people to play to role playing games.
Rolisteam is based on rolistik 1.1 developed by Romain Campioni.

Contributors list:

  • Renaud Guezennec
  • Joseph Boudou.
  • Romain Campioni who made rolistik, the code base of rolisteam


Rolisteam works under

  • Seven & Windows 8.X
  • MacOS (on MacIntel only)
  • Linux