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Character Sheet

Rolisteam CharacterSheet Editor (RCSE)

Making character sheet required to follow several steps:

1/ Import image

The first step is to drop background image. This image can be created from the PDF file of the official charactersheet of your game or you can design it yourself.

There are two ways to import image:

  • Drag and drop image from your computer to RCSE.
  • You can also import from the menu > Define Background Image

In the case, where you need several pages into your charactersheet. You can easily add pages with the button dedicated to this task. Then you will have to define the background of new pages by importing background images.

2/ Put fields on the sheet

Then, it is important to set the position of each text field. This work can be really long but thanks to RCSE you can make it graphically.

Each field is also added into the right table. You can remove field from this table.

There are many field kinds available into RCSE :

Name Description Icon
TextInput it stores one line of text, it has no border and no decoration. It can be change to selector (see below)
TextField It stores one line of text, it has border and decoration.
Checkbox It stored a 0 or 1 value and display it as checkbox.
TextArea It stores text (several lines) with decoration and border.
Button it stores a dice command. Clicking on it, run the command.
Image Display a image, the path to the image should be url, such as

Change Textinput to selector

Easy Peasy, you just have to set possible values in the dedicated column into the right table. Values are separated by comma. Example: red,blue, green, brown, yellow, black,white, orange, purple.

3/ Edit fields

when all yours field are set, it is important to name them. This name can be use into formula.

Including the name, many other properties can be edited. All you have to do is to edit from the right table on the first tab.



This property is the unique id for that data. By default, RCSE generates automatically the value. It is recommended to keep the default value. It is possible to get access to the data by its id. Example: =${id_5}+4


This property is a human readable id for that data. It is left empty when you add new field. The writer of the character sheet must set this value. It is possible to get access to the data by its label. Example: =${intelligence}+4


The value is displayed into the character sheet. It is also the element which is used into formula or dice command.

Possible values

This field is only useful for TextInput. It allows to change a TextInput to selector. Selector (also known as Combobox) are items dedicated to select one value from limited list.


This column give you a reminder of the type of the field: TextInput, TextField, checkbox, TextArea, Button, Image…


Field Position on X-axis (width). You can change it to align the field precisely.


Field Position on Y-axis (height). You can change it to align the field precisely.


Width of the field. You can change it to align the field precisely.


Height of the field. You can change it to align the field precisely.

Font adaptation

This option can be enable to adapt font size to the size of the character sheet.

Text Alignment

You can set where the text should be displayed in the field.

Text color

You can set the text color.

Background Color

You can set the background color


You can set where the border should display (Top, right, left bottom, all or no border)

4/ Generate sheet

When you have added all the fields you want, you may generate the sheet by clicking on « edit > Generate Code and Sheet ».

Sheet is visible in the View tab. The tab shows sheet exactly as it will be in Rolisteam.

The code tab sees its content changed by this action. It shows qml code.

You can adjust the sheet (in the editor tab) and generate again and again until it fits your needs.

For veterans / experts

It is also possible to amend QML code directly to add new features to the sheet. You can play music, videos or add animations and many other stuffs. Be careful, when you modify the generated code, you must not ask to generate code and sheet. It will erase all your modifications.

5/ Add character

Quand vous avez fini avec la création des champs et qu’ils s'affichent comme vous le désirer. La dernière étape est d’ajouter les personnages. Il y a deux façons de le faire.

La première consiste à créer les personnages dans RCSE grâce à l’onglet Personnages. La première colonne représente les champs que vous avez défini précédemment. Grâce au menu contextuel, vous pouvez ajouter autant de personnages que vous le souhaite. Une colonne nouvelle apparaît pour chaque personnage. Il vous faudra saisir la valeur pour chaque donnée. RCSE propose des fonctionnalités pour faciliter l’édition.

La deuxième méthode consiste à créer les personnages dans rolisteam et les partager avec vos joueurs et ainsi mutualiser l’édition. Chaque joueur saisira les valeurs de son personnage. Voir le chapitre suivant, plus bas dans la page pour plus d’information.


Open/load character sheet

When you save character sheet with RCSE, you get a .rcs file. This file must be loaded in Rolisteam (File > Open > Character Sheet or CTRL+U). A new window opens and you see a data tab and on tab by character. The data tab is the same that the last tab in RCSE. It shows all values from characters. GM can have a good overview about all PCs/NPCs at once. Then, other tabs show the character sheet of one character in the view mode.

Share sheet to Character

GM must share the character sheet with their player's character in order to make it appear to the player. To do that, you must click on the Share sub-menu from the contextual menu. Then, you have to pick a character. The tab title is changed to the name of the chosen character. On player screen, the charactersheet window appears with two tabs: data and view. The player can change values from both view.

many pages

As we saw, it is possible to create character sheet with several pages. In the view tab, you can change page by pressing Left or Right key. You can also copy the view and/or detach the tab. This is the way to show several pages at once.

Computation formula

Les fiches de personnages gèrent un système de formule. Cela peut être très utile pour effectuer des calculs automatiques afin de faciliter la gestion mécanique du jeu. Pour activer la gestion des formules, il suffit de démarrer la valeur d’une cellule par un symbole égal:=. Suivi du reste de la formule.

Possible Operation

The formula system can manage many functions and operations.

 Get value

As we saw, you can get the value of any field thank of its label or id. You must encapsulate id or label like this: ${label} ou ${id}.


You can do all usual operations.











Absolue value takes only one argument.





This function takes several arguments.




This function takes several arguments.




This function takes several arguments.




the function takes one argument.





the function takes one argument.





This function takes several arguments.