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  • Reorganize: submenu which allow you to rearrange the contents of the workspace. It contains the following items :
  • Cascade : windows are arranged one over the other with a slight gap between each one. ·
  • Tiles: the windows are arranged next to each other.
  • Events: Shows or hides the window reporting the events integrated into the workspace.
  • Connected players show or hide the list of connected players. Note that if you hide this window you will not be notified of new messages on chat rooms.
  • Background music show or hide the music player.
  • Notes Editor: Shows or hides the note editor. One can also check or uncheck the box in front of his name in the list of connected players.
  • Chats: sub-menu containing the list of available chat rooms that you can show or hide.
  • List of maps and pictures: All pictures and maps are open later in the menu, you can show or hide each one by checking / unchecking.