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(How to make the installer)
(How to make the installer)
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1: copy/paste into packaging/MacOs  
1: copy/paste into packaging/MacOs  
1: run
2: run
2: appdmg  nodedmg.json rolisteam_v1.7.1-MacOsX_setup.dmg
3: appdmg  nodedmg.json rolisteam_v1.7.1-MacOsX_setup.dmg

Latest revision as of 00:56, 9 April 2017

Compile Rolisteam on MacOs X


Since v1.7, rolisteam is based on Qt5.

You have to install XCode. It should install cpp compiler and many required components.

Then you must install from Qt Sdk file or source code. Make sure you are using the Qt5 (Qt4 will not work).

Get Rolisteam Source code

Depending of what you want to compile.

The latest stable version

You can get the source code of the latest stable version: here

Dev version

Two ways:

-clone it from github

 git clone --recursive

-if you can't use git you may download both archive: Rolisteam and DiceParser

Extract source code

This step is needed while you get the source of latest stable version. You must extract the code source.

tar -xzvf rolisteam-1.7.1.tar.gz



If you get the source code from git, this step is not needed. Otherwise, you may get the source from the github page. So you need to do :

 unzip (from rolisteam)
 cd rolisteam/src
 unzip (from diceparser)
 mv DiceParser diceparser

Compile the source

Open with qtcreator. It will compile rolisteam for you. Otherwise, these commands can be helpful:

cd rolisteam
qmake -r

(make sure to use qt5 qmake)

start rolisteam

In terminal, just run:


it may be possible to find rolisteam on graphical user menu, depending of your system.

Qt creator is able to start it.


Having trouble with Qt4 and Qt5

If qt4 and qt5 are both installed on your computer, that may cause troubles. While you compile Rolisteam v1.7.X (or higher), you must use qt5. So you may need to run


How to make the installer

1: copy/paste into packaging/MacOs 
2: run
3: appdmg  nodedmg.json rolisteam_v1.7.1-MacOsX_setup.dmg

install_name_tool -change "/usr/lib/libz.1.dylib" "@executable_path/../Frameworks/libz.framework/libz.1.dylib" rolisteam

appdmg ../../rolisteam/packaging/MacOS/nodedmg.json rolisteam_v1.7.1-MacOsX_setup.dmg