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This window lists all the chats in which you can read and write. The check box indicates whether the chat window is displayed or not. You can check and uncheck to show or hide the corresponding window. The color indicates whether there are unread messages in the chat. If the color is green is that you have read everything. Otherwise, it is red.

Kinds of chats

There are three kinds of chat rooms:

  • The Common chat which everyone is enrolled automatically. It is in this chat that the game is mostly played.
  • The private chats (Paul and Jaques in the example) that enable talking to a player without the others reading it. As the Common chat they are created automatically.
  • The chats on demand (HRP in the example) that can be created when it is needed and involving a list of players that can be modified.

Creating a chat

Any player can create a chat on demand.

  • Click the 'Add' chat button at the bottom left of the list of chats. A dialog box appears.
  • Enter the name of your chat in the first box.
  • Select players who will participate in the chat by checking / unchecking the boxes in the list. The players displayed in gray do not have a recent enough version of Rolisteam for this feature and can not be selected. In the example, only 'Jogo' and 'Paul' will be part of chat.
  • Click 'Ok'.

Changing a chat

Double-clicking on the name of a chat you created, the same dialog box that when you created it appears. You can change the name and composition of your chats. For players that you exclude the chat, it is as if you had deleted it. For players that you add, it is as if you were to create the chat. Be careful, the new players do not receive the old messages.

Deleting a chat

You can only delete the chats you have created yourself.

  • Select the chat to delete by clicking its name in the list.
  • Click 'Delete' button at the bottom right of the list of chats.