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To see the version of this page regarding the version preferences_1_6 and previous, click here: v1.6.

There are 5 categories:

  • General
  • Themes
  • Application Path
  • Dice System
  • Diagnostic


You may change the Fog of War color or its transparency. All changes will be applied for new maps.

Additionally, this panel allows other modifications: -Enable/disable the check for updates (Default: Enable) -Start rolisteam in full screen (Default: selected) -Enable/disable the feature "fit on windows" for images (Default: enable) -Select default permission for plan. You will still be able to select permission you want, but the preselected will be the one define in preferences (Default: no permission). -Define the path to the translation file you wants. It will be used for the next starting.


This part is described in the Look_and_feel page.

Application Path

This panel allows users to select the default directory to open or save many kind of files. So, you can define directory for music (player and GM), images, maps, story (.sce), your minutes and your messages.

Dice System

Thanks to this panel, it is possible to define new aliases in the dice system. If you think the syntax is a bit to complicated. Aliases are dedicated to make it really easier. You may add, modify aliases or change their priority. All aliases from the GM are automatically shared to players.


This panel is dedicated to perform diagnostic of your system, regarding fonts, audio file and images. It will check support of many formats and list the available fonts on your computer.