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As you may noticed, Rolisteam has been translated in several languages. When you start Rolisteam, it automatically recognizes the language of your system and it loads the appropriated translation file, if available.

Change the language

You may force rolisteam to load one specific file. To do that, you have two ways:

Through Preferences:

  Preferences > Translation File > [...] 

Browse to the translation file, then press OK and restart the application.

Parameter at start up:

  ./rolisteam -t /path/to/translation/path

Translate Rolisteam

If you want to help to translate rolisteam. Please take a look at : -Create an account (or use your existing one) -Ask me to add new language in rolisteam.

Then, I will create the new langage in rolisteam and set your account as translator for this language. After this step, you will be able to translate rolisteam through the transifex web site. You may download you translation and ask rolistem to load it.