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List of players

This window lists all connected players and their characters. The first player on the list is always the local player (ie you). The GM is indicated by a green background (on the example, it is 'Jogo'). The names of the first level of the tree are the players ('Jogo', 'Paul' and 'James'). The names of the second level are the characters of the players ('Aramis' is Paul PC).

Change the name or color

By double-clicking your name or the name of one of your characters, you can change them. The same way, by double-clicking on the color you can change it.

Create a character

At the launch of Rolisteam you have no character. In order to create one:

  • Click on the bottom left button of the player’s window. Whether you are GM or not, this button is called Add a PC or Add NPC. A dialog box appears.
  • Enter the name of your new character in the first box.
  • Eventually change the color to represent it on maps and in chats by clicking on the colored button.

Remove one of his characters

  • Click its name in the list of players.
  • Click the bottom right button of the players window. Whether you are GM or not, this button is called Delete NPC or Delete PJ.

Add or remove the character of a map

The check box on the line of a character indicates if his pawn is on the last selected map. In the example, there are only the Cardinal and Aramis on the map. To add or remove a character from the map, just check or uncheck this box. The GM may add or remove all the characters. And the players may act only on their own PCs.