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Minutes Editor

The minutes editor provides the user with a simple text editor allowing him to retain all the elements of the adventure that seems relevant, the frame of the scenario, the health status of the NPC, or anything else that he thinks fit to be remembered. In the workspace the editor notes is identified by its icon There are three styles available to highlight important text :

fat (G), stressed (S) and italic (I).

To apply them simply click one button, the text will be affected by the selected styles. The normal one (N) can simply cancel the three others. By the same way you can choose or change the font size, or create titles for example. The size selector indicates the constant size of the font that is under the cursor .Notes can be saved by clicking the "Save Notes" button in the "File" menu. The generated file is in HTML format and can be viewed with an internet browser. To load saved notes, click on "Open Notes" in the "File" menu and select the file notes. The notes already present in the editor are then replaced by those of the file.

OpenDocument support

Since the v1.6.0, Rolisteam may by able to save minutes as openDocument. This kind of file can be read by LibreOffice, OpenOffice and many others.