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The pictures allow all users to show the drawings or photos to other players. This function can also be done by a map, however, the picture uses much less memory. If your goal is simply to display a picture file, without adding any amendments or annotations, use a picture, otherwise use a map. Pictures are identifiable in the workspace as well as their icon by the annotation "(picture)" in their title.

Unlike the maps, pictures can be opened by all users. To do this simply click on "Open picture" in the "File" menu and select the picture file (JPEG, PNG or BMP), it is transferred to all users. Closing the picture window only hides it, which can be opened again by clicking its name in the "Window" menu.

To permanently close a picture (and for it to be done for all users), its owner (the one that opened it) or the GM should click on "Close Map / picture" in the "File" menu.

A picture can only be saved as part of a scenario ("Save scenario" in the "File" menu).


By default, image fits its window. You have to disable the mode (Right-click > Fit window) to get acces to zoom level full features.

You can activate all these feature throught the contextual menu (Right-click):

  • zoom up, zoom down (the minimun value is 0.2)
  • Fit the image window in the workspace
  • Fit the image to its window (keeping the ratio) (Default)
  • Level of Zoom: Little, normal, Big


It is now possible to load image from the Internet. You just have to put the image url to the dedicated dialogbox, click on "Download". The image should appears in the preview display panel. You can now confirm the use of this picture. It will be opened as any regular picture and shared with everyone.