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This is the Rolisteam' main window: There are several items which can help you for your game. At the center, you can see the work space. It contains all other sub-windows such as Tchats, pictures, maps:

  • Tool bar (on the left) bring together all functions dedicated for map edition such as drawing, move items (PC and NPC)..
  • Event log (on the top right corner) displays all events occured such as connection, disconnection.
  • User list (on the right) informs you about who is connected and how many character have been created.
  • Audio player (on the bottom right corner) can play songs. The GM has to import song into the system. All players have to select a directory containing music files. When the GM plays one song, rolisteam starts the reading for all players.

You will find more details about those four items in the next page of this chapter.