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Compilation on Windows

To see the version of this page regarding the version v1.6.1 and previous, click here: Compilation_old.


The first thing is to install Qt (v5.4 or higher). You can get the community version of Qt:

Rolisteam needs zlib for its notes editor. This page zlib should do the job.

Rolisteam is managed through git.

Get the source code

There are two ways to get the source code. You can download the source code archive from stable release (go to

or you can clone the repository from github: please go to

 git clone --recursive

Open Rolisteam

You can open the file with QtCreator and start compiling.

Disable Music

You can compile rolisteam with or without the music player support. You have to edit the file.



I'm getting error like this: RCC: Error in 'rolisteam.qrc': Cannot find file 'translation/rolisteam_fr.qm'

rolisteam_fr.qm is a binary translation file. It's generated from rolisteam_fr.ts. Run this command:

lrelease translation/rolisteam_fr.ts

Then the compilation must be just fine.

zlib compilation

zlib1g can be install on Windows, but there is an issue into zconf.h include:

#if 1           /* HAVE_UNISTD_H -- this line is updated by ./configure */

replace this line by

#if HAVE_UNISTD_H  /*-- this line is updated by ./configure */